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Lord Montgomerie
21 January 1861

Volume 2, page 160, sitting number 1930.

[Identified as 'Lord Montgomery' [sic] in the Silvy daybooks, the sitter became the 14th Earl of Eglinton in the Peerage of Scotland on inheriting his titles and estates later that year.]

Archibald William Montgomerie was born on 3 December 1841, the son of Archibald William Mongomerie, 13th Earl of Eglinton and 1st Earl of Winton. His mother was Theresa Howe née Newcomen, widow of Captain Richard Howe Cockerell RN and one of the eight illegitimate children of Thomas Gleadowe-Newcomen, 2nd Viscount Newcomenand his long-term mistress Harriet Holland. 

A few months after this portrait was taken,  Lord Montgomerie became the 14th Earl of Eglinton on the death of father, which took place on 4 October 1861. 

Lord Montgomerie visited Silvy's studio with his fiancée, Sophia Adelaide Theodosia Anderson-Pelham), daughter of the 2nd Earl of Yarborough. Their wedding took place on 6 December 1862, three days after the bridegroom attained his majority. The marriage produced four daughters. 

Lord Eglinton died on 30 August 1892. He was 50 years old.

'The Earl of Eglinton died at his residence, Eglinton Castle, near Irvine, Ayrshire, yesterday afternoon. He had been in very delicate health for sometimes past, and grave fears were entertained regarding him. The progress of his illness — Bright's disease — assumed alarming symptoms, and he gradually became worse. On Monday night he became unconscious and continued so yesterday. He gradually sank, and passed peacefully away at half-past five o'clock. [...] He was educated at Eton, and was for a time in the Royal Navy; he was Lieutenant-Colonel of the Ayrshire Yeomanry Cavalry. [...] The titles pass to the brother of the deceased peer, he having no male issue' (Aberdeen Free Press, 31 August 1892). 

Far longer obituaries can be found in the Glasgow Herald (31 August 1892) and in the Edinburgh Evening News (31 August 1892). 


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