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Mrs Richard Beamish
1 June 1861

Volume 4, page 4, sitting number 4088.

Theodosia Mary Heise was born at Buckingham in or about 1812.

On 27 September 1831 at Quainton in Buckinghamshire ‘Theodosia Mary Heise, of Doddershall Park, eldest daughter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel Augustus Heise’ married ‘Richard Beamish, Esq. of Sans Souci, Cork’ (Saint James’s Chronicle, 1 October 1831).

Various censuses show the couple and their four children living at Newnham, Gloucestershire (1851), Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (1861) and Woolston, Hampshire (1871). By profession, Richard was a ‘Retired Civil Engineer’ and ‘Landed Proprietor.’

Richard Beamish died at Bournemouth on 20 November 1873, leaving an estate valued at £18,000.

Mrs Beamish, ‘late of Moorend Dean Park in Bournemouth,’ died, aged 62, at Winchester on 23 April 1874.

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