Paul Frecker
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Laura Temple-Bowdoin
15 July 1861

Volume 4, page 212, sitting number 4917. 

Laura Temple-Bowdoin was the younger daughter of James Temple Bowdoin (born James Bowdoin Temple) who changed his name to comply with the will of his uncle. Her paternal grandfather was Sir Grenville Temple, 9th Baronet.

On 14 September 1869 at Carlsruhe she became the second wife of Ferdinando Monroy, Prince of Pandolfina in Sicily, a Senator of the Kingdom of Italy.

She died without issue, aged 58, at Palermo on 6 February 1877 and was buried beside her sister in Florence.

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Laura Temple Bowdoin, Princess Pandolfina, Pandolfina, Bowdoin, Ferdinando Monroy, James Temple Bowdoin, Camille Silvy, Silvy