Paul Frecker
Fine Photographs

Miss Temple-Bowdoin
22 June 1861

Volume 4, page 113, sitting number 4524.

[The sitter is dentified as 'Miss Temple-Bowdoin' in the Silvy daybooks. A seemingly identical woman, identified as 'Miss Laura Temple-Bowdoin,' visited the studio a month later on 15 July 1861. Laura Temple-Bowdoin, an American, became the Princess Pandolfina through her marriage in 1869 to a Sicilian nobleman. She died in Palermo on 6 February 1877. The woman seen here is probably either her or her unmarried sister Christine Temple-Bawdoin (Mary Christine Frances Temple-Bawdoin), who died in Florence on 14 May 1872 at the age of 54.]

code: cs1615
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