Paul Frecker
Fine Photographs


Young girl under an electric light
Anonymous, North American
silver print

A matt silver print dating from the 1920s showing a young girl lying in a satin-lined 'jewel box' casket with drop-panel side. An electric light with a pleated shade is situated directly above her face, bathing the girl in an eerie glow. Two further light bulbs, in the shape of candle flames, are situated either side of a crucifix behind the casket. Another crucifix can just be seen at the left-hand edge of the image.

Photographer and location unidentified, but almost certainly North American.

The print is unmounted and measures 7" by 9.1" (17.8 cm by 23.1 cm).

code: pm0199
post mortem, post mortem portrait, post mortem portraits, coffin, coffins