Paul Frecker
Fine Photographs


Child with a painted studio backdrop
Anonymous, North American
panel print

A glossy print on gelatin printing-out paper showing an infant in a white coffin, with flowers arranged around the child's body. The coffin lid is propped up in the background, leaning against a painted studio backdrop depicting a tower house on a hill. The photograph dates from the late 1880s or from the 1890s.

Photographer and location unidentified, but acquired from an American dealer so presumably North American.

The print measures 6.1" by 8.5" (15.5 cm by 21.6 cm) and is mounted on a slightly larger piece of stiff, cream-coloured board with a beveled, gold-leafed edge; there are no photographer's details printed on the reverse.

code: pm0198
post mortem, post mortem portrait, post mortem portraits, coffin, coffins