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John Bagwell

Volume 1, page 172, sitting number 891.

[The Silvy daybooks identify the sitter as ‘Gilbert Heathcote M.P.’ However, he is identified on the back of the mount as ‘John Bagwell M.P.’ The identification in the Silvy daybooks is clearly a mistake, since Gilbert Heathcote appears earlier in volume one (sitting number 478) and he is a much younger man.]

John Bagwell of Marlfield in County Tipperary was the Member of Parliament for Clonmel from 1857 to 1874.

Born on 3 April 1811, he was the son of the Very Reverend Richard Bagwell and Margaret née Croker. On 21 June 1838 he married the Honourable Frances Eliza Prittie, daughter of the Honourable Francis Aldborough Prittie. The couple had four daughters and two sons.

John Bagwell died on 2 March 1883, at the age of 71.


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