Paul Frecker
Fine Photographs

Lord Euston and Lord Newport
(1821-1918 and 1819-1898)

Volume 1, page 125, sitting number 705.

The Right Honourable Orlando George Charles Bridgeman, Viscount Newport, was the eldest son of the Earl of Bradford; he was the Conservative MP for South Shropshire from 1842-1865. Between February 1852 and December 1852 he was Vice-Chamberlain of the Household and again from 1858 to 1859. He succeeded his father as Earl of Bradford in 1865. He was Lord Chamberlain 1866-1868 and again 1885-1886. He was Master of the Horse 1874-1880 and again 1885-1886. He was also Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire from 1875 to 1896.

On 30 April 1838 he married the Honourable Selina Weld-Forester, daughter of Cecil Weld-Forester, 1st Baron Forester, by whom he had two sons and two daughters. He died at Weston Park, Staffordshire, on 12 March 1898.

Augustus Charles Lennox Fitzroy, Lord Euston, was the son of the 5th Duke of Grafton. [The Earl of Euston is one of the subsidiary titles of the Duke of Grafton, and is used as a courtesy title by his eldest son and heir.] On 9 June 1847 he married Anna, daughter of James Balfour, by whom he had a daughter and three sons. One of his sons, Henry James Fitzroy, was the Lord Euston involved in the Cleveland Street boy brothel scandal in 1889.

Lord Euston succeeded his elder brother as 7th Duke of Grafton in 1882. He died on 4 December 1918.

[This portrait of Lord Euston and Lord Newport shows the two men standing at one of the entrances to the Houses of Parliament. Taken sometime during the summer of 1860, there are some fourteen other portraits in volume 1 of the Silvy daybooks which were taken at the same location, almost all of them portraying Members of Parliament. Most of these have very similar framing and were taken from an almost identical angle, but the images – surprisingly – do not all appear sequentially in the daybooks. Instead they were entered in short runs, separated by portraits taken in the Bayswater studio, suggesting that at least six visits were made to the location and the camera set up in the same spot on each occasion. The possibility also exists that these are very good fascimilies of the gates and that this is an outdoor set built behind Silvy's studio.]


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Orlando George Charles Bridgeman, Lord Newport, Augustus Charles Lennox Fitzroy, Lord Euston, Camille Silvy, Silvy