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Ferdinand d'Orléans, duc d'Alençon

Prince Ferdinand d’Orléans, duc d’Alençon (1844-1910) was a son of the duc de Nemours, second son of King Louis-Philippe of France.

Ferdinand d’Alençon married Sophie Charlotte, Duchess in Bavaria, younger sister of the Empress Elisabeth (popularly called ‘Sisi’). The couple had two children. The duchesse d’Alençon died in a fire at a charity bazaar in Paris on 4 May 1897. She had refused rescue attempts, insisting that the girls working with her at the bazaar be saved first.

Prince Ferdinand died on 29 June 1910 at Belmont, his residence in Wimbledon.

'The news of the death of the Duc d'Alançon was received in Paris with feelings of real regret by a very large circle of friends, among whom through his amiable character he enjoyed the highest esteem. His piety throughout his life was conspicuous, and in the Royalist party, though he played no political part, he was especially esteemed for his courtesy and kindliness' (Clifton Society, 7 July 1910).

'His kindliness, his handsome presence, and courtly bearing will be missed by many to whom he was well known' (Morning Post, quoted in Clifton Society, 7 July 1910).

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