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Ferdinand d’Orléans, duc d’Alençon
26 June 1861

Prince Ferdinand d’Orléans, duc d’Alençon (1844-1910) was a son of the duc de Nemours, second son of King Louis-Philippe of France. He is seen here in the uniform of the Spanish Hussars.

At the outbreak of the American Civil War, in 1861 Prince Ferdinand and his brother, along with their uncle the duc de Joinville and their cousin Pierre d'Orléans, travelled to America to offer their services to the American government. The three young men were enrolled in the naval academy at Annapolis, while the Prince de Joinville joined the staff of General McClellan. When difficulties arose between France and the United States with regard to the affairs of Mexico, the Orléans princes withdrew from the American army and returned to Europe.

On 28 September 1868 he married Sophie Charlotte AugustineDuchess in Bavaria. Their marriage produced two children.

Prince Ferdinand died on 29 June 1910 at Belmont, his residence in Wimbledon. 'The Duke has been in the habit of spending much of the year at Belmont Castle, but had also a town house at Paris and a villa at Cannes' (Western Times, 20 June 1910). 

His remains were conveyed to France for interment at Dreux, the burial place of the Orléans family. 



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