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Volume 2, page 46, sitting number 1482.

Identified as 'Dr. Cape' in the Silvy daybooks, this is probably Dr. Lawson Cape.

Born on 6 December 1807, his father was J. Cape of Ulldale in Cumberland. He was educated at St. Bartholomew's hospital (1827) and Edinburgh university (M.D., 1833). He was a Licenciate of the R.C.P. from 1835, and a Fellow from 1857. From 1836 to 1846, he was physician to the Royal Infirmary for children on Waterloo Bridge Road, and from 1837, also physician to the General lying-in hospital on York Road, Lambeth. From 1837 to 1848, he lectured on midwifery at St. Thomas's hospital.

Dr. Lawson Cape died at 28, Curzon Street, on 22 March 1877.

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