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An albumen print showing a group of musicians, identified as the Sutton Church Musicians in a period hand in the lower margin, underneath which their names are given. The sitters can all easily be found on the 1861 census. The three older members of the family are thatchers by trade, and all five of them were born in Long Sutton in Hampshire.

The portrait is dated 1863. At the time that it was taken, Stephen Pither, seen here on right, would have been 57 (he died on 18 April 1886, aged 79); George Pither, seen here in the centre, would have been 49 (he died on 30 July 1884, aged 70). The other sitters are George’s sons, Robert, aged 22, a thatcher like his father; Zenas, aged 14; and Amos, aged 13.

The dates of Stephen’s and George’s deaths are on tombstones in the churchyard at Long Sutton.

Photographer unidentified.

The print measures 2.6” by 3.2” (65 mm by 80 mm) and is mounted on a slightly larger section of cut-down album page.

condition: Excellent.
price:  £240
code: of002
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