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Fanny Lear

A cabinet card portrait of the American adventuress and traveller Fanny Lear, born Harriet Blackford in Philadelphia.

The indiscretions of this American adventuress included an affair with a grandson of Tsar Nicholas I, the dangerously liberal Grand Duke Nicholas Konstantinovich. The subsequent scandal, which included the planned theft of some Romanov jewels, resulted in the Grand Duke being banished from court.

First published in Brussels in 1875 – under her nom de guerre Fanny Lear –she titled her account of her adventures and travels in Russia and Europe Le Roman d’une Americaine en Russie. The story has more recently formed the basis of a novel by Prince Michael of Greece, himself a Romanov descendant. First published in French, in 2005 an English version appeared titled The White Night of St Petersburg but apparently it isn’t very good.

Photographed by the London Stereoscopic Company.

condition: The print presents a few small imperfections in the area of the background but is otherwise in
excellent condition, as is the mount.
price:  SOLD
code: cc025
Fanny Lear, Harriet Blackford, Le roman d'une Americaine en Russie, adventuress, traveller, fancy dress, fancy dress costume
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