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The Piazzetta San Marco is the part of the Piazza which lies between the Doge’s Palace and the Biblioteca Marciana; on its south side it is open to the lagoon at the mouth of the Grand Canal. By the water’s edges stand the columns of Venice’s two patrons, Saint Mark and Saint Teodoro of Amasea, the latter’s statue perched atop an Egyptian crocodile. These columns constituted the official gateway to Venice. When there were no official guests in the city, gambling was permitted between the columns. This spot was also for many years the site of executions in the city.

Across the water in front of the Piazzaetta may be seen the Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore.

Photographed by Carlo Ponti of Venice.

Carlo Ponti studied photography in Paris in the 1840’s. In 1852, he obtained a license to produce and sell photographs in Venice. He ran the first of the big photographic businesses in the city, producing albums with architectural views of great artistic sensitivity. He was also the inventor of camera lenses suitable for panoramic photography.

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