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A small collection of five cabinet cards relating to copper mining at Cerro Verde in Baja California. The mounts all carry inked inscriptions [in French] identifying the views and giving details. All five are dated 1896.

The first shows the point of extraction and the chief engineer’s house at Cerro Verde; the second shows the point of extraction at San Luiz [sic]; the third shows the new office at Santa Rosalia on pay day; the fourth shows ‘la tienda’ [the shop] with a group of miners from Cerro Verde, ‘of of the groups of which I am in charge’; and the fifth, which has the most extensive inscription, shows a small oasis at Santa Agueda ‘about 3 hours by mule from Santa Rosalia, where there is running water and greenery…’

According to Borderman: The Memoirs of Federico José Maria Rondstadt, in the mid-1870’s the mines belonged to Mueller & Co but several years later they were sold to a French company known as Sta. Rosalia – El Boleo.

condition: Conditions vary from very fine to excellent.
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