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Maud Jeffries
A cabinet card portrait of American-born actress Maud Jeffries.

The following biography comes from an Australian magazine, The Theatre Society and Home (1 September 1924): ‘Maud Jeffries is a native of America and was playing small parts in Daly's theatre, New York when Wilson Barrett saw her and promptly engaged her for his company. She appeared in London as Mercia in The Sign of the Cross and also in this role in Australia. When Herod was produced by Tree in London, she figured as leading lady. Australia first saw her in Claudian with Wilson Barrett in 1898, and her success in that monumental drama paved the way for Desdemona, Ophelia, Nellie Denver and the heroines in the melodramas of Hall Caine. A few years later she returned with Julius Knight to delight us in Beaucaire; Resurrection, wherein she reached the heights of tragedy; The Eternal City; The Darling of the Gods; and other fine plays. Later she married J. B. Osborne, of the well-known Australian family, and settled here as a good Australian.’

Photographed by William and Daniel Downey of London and Newcastle.

condition: Very fine, despite the print showing a few imperfections in the area of the background.
price:  SOLD
code: cab53
Maud Jeffries, actor, actress, costume, Downey
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