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A cabinet card portrait of two veiled women, one with a long pipe and one with a narghileh. The inked inscription on the reverse of the mount is somewhat surprising, for according to this, the women are not Turkish. One is called Lucy Dawtrey Drewitt and the other woman’s name appears to be Jewel A.M. Wilson. The inscription also gives the date, September 1882.

Born in 1851, Henrietta Lucy Drewitt was the daughter of Robert Dawtrey Drewitt of Great Peppering Farm, Burpham, near Arundel in Sussex. Her grandfather was John Drewitt, an authority on ornithology and entomology. In 1883 she married Reverend Alfred Johnson Tuck, at that time the assistant master under Edward Thring at Uppingham School but later the Rector of Great Munden in Hertfordshire (1888-1904) and from 1904 the Rector of Ewhurst in Surrey.

Photographed by Pascal Sébah of Constantinople and Cairo.

Of Syrian origins, Pascal Sébah (1823-1886) opened a studio in Constantinople in 1857. In 1860 he secured the collaboration of the French photographer A. Laroche to direct his studio. In 1873 he opened a branch in Cairo, located near Shepherd’s Hotel. Pascal Sébah suffered a stroke in 1883, and his brother Cosmi took charge of the business until Jean (1872-1947), Pascal’s son, was old enough to inherit it.

Jean grew up to become a talented photographer in his own right, but to profit from his father’s fame, he signed his photographs ‘J. Pascal Sebah.’ In 1888 he went into partnership with a French photographer resident in Istanbul, Polycarpe Joillier. The firm of Sébah and Joillier were named the official photographers of the Sultan, and at his command took photographers all over the Ottoman empire. After Joillier’s return to Paris, Jean Sébah sold the business in 1908.

condition: The print shows some spotting, mainly in the area of the background, but has excellent tonal range. The mount shows a little foxing but is otherwise clean and firm with no edge or corner wear.
price:  SOLD
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