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Jeanne de Marsy
Jeanne de Marsy was a successful and popular actress in Paris during the 1880's and 1890's. However, it is on her role as a model for Manet and Renoir that her fame rests. In 1881 she sat for the artist as his model for a painting entitled Spring, now in a private collection, and she appears again as one of the figures standing in the background of Manet's famous A Bar at the Folies-Bergères, now in the Courtauld in London. She was also the subject of Renoir's Portrait of Mlle de Marsy, painted in 1882 and now in a private collection.

Her real name was Anne Darlaud, and she was born in 1865, the daughter of a book-binder and a brocade maker. Her elder sister Eugénie-Marie was also an artist's model and actress. Even for sisters, they looked remarkable alike. The gossip columnists of the time remarked on how both girls were able to take on powerful protectors, while simultaneously retaining their elegant lovers. When Eugénie-Marie died in 1914, she left half a million francs to Jeanne.

Photographed by Reutlinger of 21, boulevard Montmartre, Paris.

condition: Very fine.
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Jeanne de Marsy, Reutlinger, actor, actress
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