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Jan Kubelik
An autographed portrait of Jan Kubelik, the Czech violinist and composer.

Born in Michle (now part of Prague) on 5 July 1880, as a child he used to practice 10 to 12 hours a day or “until my fingers started to bleed.” He studied at the conservatory in Prague with Otakar Ševcík, and from 1898 toured as a soloist. He soon became renowned for his virtuosity and perfect intonation and continued to play internationally until his death. He made a number of recordings, and also wrote music, including six violin concertos.

Jan Kubelik died in Prague on 5 December 1940.

Photographed by Alfred Ellis and Walery of 51, Baker Street, London. Signed, and dated 1902, in ink by the sitter.

condition: Excellent.
price:  SOLD
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Jan Kubelik, Kubelik, violinist, composer
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