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A cabinet card portrait of what appears to be an Englishman dressed in Arab costume, complete with a long-barrelled gun, turban and cloak. The costume and accessories seem to be entirely authentic and must surely have been brought back from North Africa by the sitter himself. The man’s dark, shiny skin is probably make-up, but if so, it has been applied subtly and is altogether quite convincing. In fact, were it not for the North London location, one would say this was indeed a North African tribesman.

Having said all that, the studio setting is rather crude and naïve, so perhaps the photograph was after all taken in North Africa, and merely copied later by a English photographer. However, the sharpness and clarity of the print are not what one would expect to find in a copy.

Photographed by E.S. Hunt of Seven Sisters Road [North London} and Millfields Road [North-East London].

condition: The print shows a few imperfections but is generally in very fine condition. The mount shows
minor edge and corner wear and the reverse shows the residue of two small adhesive labels.
price:  £50
code: cab109
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