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John Brown

A carte-de-visite portrait of Queen Victoria’s faithful retainer John Brown (1825-1883).

The Queen’s relationship with Brown, an extraordinarily indulged favourite, gave rise to salacious speculation, but Henry Ponsonby told his brother that Brown was ‘only a servant and nothing more,’ while the Dean of Windsor said that ‘one only had to know the Queen to realize how innocent’ their relationship was. Nevertheless, defamatory pamphlets referred to the Queen as ‘Mrs Brown’ and the Royal Household reputedly called Brown ‘the Queen’s stallion.’

Photographed by William and Daniel Downey of London and Newcastle.

condition: The print presents some small marks and some spotting but is otherwise in excellent condition, with very good tonal range. The mount presents one small mark on its reverse but is otherwise also in excellent condition, with crisp edges and sharp corners.
price:  SOLD
code: cdv008
John Brown, W. and D. Downey, Downey, William and Daniel Downey
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