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Prince Albert

A carte-de-visite portrait of Prince Albert produced after his death with a memorial caption in the lower margin and specially added black border around the image.

Although unidentified here, the original photographer was Oscar Rejlander.

Often called ‘the father of art photography,’ Rejlander was a Swede who settled in Wolverhampton in 1845, later moving to London in April or May 1862. Along with H.P. Robinson, he became one of the leading exponents of ‘high-art’ photography. His Two Ways of Life was a mammoth composite work which caused a sensation when it was exhibited in 1857. In addition to his art photography, Rejlander also advertised his availability as a portraitist, which no doubt helped pay the rent on his studio. Nevertheless, he died penniless in 1875.

condition: Apart from a few small imperfections, the print is in excellent condition. Apart from some minor edge wear, so is the mount.
price:  SOLD
code: cdv004
Prince Albert, Rejlander, Oscar Rejlander
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