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Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

A carte-de-visite of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert standing outdoors on a terrace. The photographer has minimized the height difference between the Queen and her husband by standing her in front of a shrub that tapers to a point above her head, creating the optical illusion that the Queen is taller than in fact she was.

Photographed by Messrs. Day of 14, Piccadilly, London.

William Day, John Day and Joseph Day started in business together as lithographers in the 1840s, adding photography to their skills during the 1850s. In 1860 the Austrian government successfully brought proceedings against them for lithographing several million bank notes for circulation in Hungary, signed by the revolutionary leader Louis Kossuth.

Also active in the firm was Frances Sally Day, said to be the daughter of Hamilton Smith Day. A partnership between Frances Sally Day, Thomas Day, Louisa Jane Day and Arthur Day was dissolved on 26 December 1861.

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Queen Victoria, Prince Albert, Prince Consort, Messrs Day of Piccadilly
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