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From the cares of Empire to the joys of Home - King Edward VII and his grandchildren (the princes of York), Balmoral, Scotland.

Reverse is blank.

Copyright 1902 by Underwood and Underwood.

Published by Underwood and Underwood.

An informal photograph of King Edward VII with four of the children of his son, the future George V. The boy on the left is 'David', the future Edward VIII, the boy on the right is 'Bertie', the future George VI, the girl is Princess Mary, the Princess Royal, and the third boy is probably Prince Henry, the future Duke of Gloucester. The children had a very formal relationship with their own parents, their father exercising a strictness with the two older boys that bordered on cruelty.

condition: Excellent, but with one soft corner. Curved mount.
price:  £16
code: sv007
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