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How to buy

The first step is to send me an email to establish contact. We can then discuss payment preferences. If you live in the UK a cheque would be welcome, although for the first time you buy from me, I will wait for the cheque to clear. Once we have developed a relationship, I will ship on receipt of the cheque. Alternatively, you might consider paying me via PayPal. If all else fails, you may send cash via registered mail, but entirely at your own risk.

When I know where you are in the world, I can also give you exact shipping costs and the price of insurance, if available. I ship worldwide, using strong packaging, secure taping, and in the case of ambrotypes, lots of bubblewrap.

Please note that code numbers are not fixed in stone - as items are sold and new stock added each month, photographs are moved around in an effort to establish some sort of thematic groupings or aesthetic arrangements. If you have been considering an item for some time, always double-check just before you place your order that it still has the same code number. For added peace of mind, please also include the title of the item as well.


I have attempted to describe as fully and as accurately as possible every aspect regarding the condition of all the photographs on this website. It is not in my best interest to mislead you, since I offer a full refund, including postage and packing both ways, on every image I sell if the photograph is not exactly as described. Furthermore, if a photograph arrives and you simply decide within seven days that you do not like it, I will also refund your money, less the cost of postage and packing.

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