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Dorothy Douglas Dorothy Douglas and friends
by Napoleon Sarony
condition: Excellent
price:  SOLD
code: cab49
Margaret Fraser Margaret Fraser
by Morrison of Chicago
condition: Excellent
price:  SOLD
code: cab50
Lillian Russell Lillian Russell
by Benjamin Falk
condition: Excellent
price:  SOLD
code: cab51
A  lute player A lute player
by Charles Reutlinger
condition: Excellent
price:  SOLD
code: cab52
Maud Jeffries Maud Jeffries
by W. and D. Downey
condition: Very fine
price:  SOLD
code: cab53
Decima Moore Decima Moore
by Alfred Ellis
(signed by the sitter)
condition: Very fine
price:  £100
code: cab54
Dickie Lingard and Alice Lingard ’Two Orphans’
by Bradley and Rulofson
condition: Fine
price:  SOLD
code: cab55
Zoe Zobedia Zoe Zobedia
a 'Circassian' beauty
condition: Fine
price:  SOLD
code: cab56
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