Paul Frecker
Fine Photographs


Missionary work in Africa, c. 1900

A small group of seven unmounted photographs mostly showing missionary work in Africa at the turn of the century. European and African clerics feature prominently in most of the images. 

One of the prints carries some inscriptions verso in Italian which identify the sitters as ‘chierichetti’ [altar boys] and the location as Zanzibar. The inscription also refers to ‘i rocchetti’ that the boys are wearing. The rochet is a white vestment resembling a surplice, worn over the cassock. 

There is nothing to suggest that the other photographs were taken in the same location, but the group were all acquired at the same time from the same source. 

Photographer(s) unidentified. 

Condition: a few of the prints present some minor corner wear but the photographs are otherwise all in fine to excellent condition.

Dimensions: one print (the one with the elaborately carved wooden church) measures 4.8” by 6.7” (12.2 cm by 17.2 cm) including its white borders. The one showing the altar boys in Zanzibar is a shade smaller. The other five measure 3.9” by 5.8” (9.9 cm by 14.8 cm), including their narrow black borders. 

price:  £210
code: cat025
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