Paul Frecker
Fine Photographs

A Russian woman in traditional costume, c. 1870

A beautifully hand-coloured cabinet card of a young Russian woman wearing the traditional costume of her region. 

An inked inscription verso in a period hand reads: ‘Wishing you all the best / wishes of the season and a / happy New Year.’

Sold by J. Daziaro of Moscow and St Petersburg.

According to the excellent Luminous-Lint website: ‘Giuseppe Daziaro (1796 or 1806-1865), also known as J. Daziaro and Iosif Khristoforovich Datsiaro, was not a photographer but an Italian with a number of shops: Moscow (1827), St Petersburg with his younger brother Giacomo (1838), Paris (1850) and Warsaw (1855). After the death of Giuseppe in 1865 his brother closed the Paris store and returned to Italy. The Moscow store was taken over by I. L. Gel’dvein and Giuseppe's eldest son, Giuseppe (Joseph) Daziaro / Iosif Iosifovich Datsiaro (1831-1892). Who took the many photographs attributed to these stores is unclear and requires further research.’

Condition: the print presents a few very small imperfections in the area of the background but is otherwise in excellent condition, with beautifully executed hand-colouring. The mount presents some marks and stains verso but is firm and solid.

Dimensions: a standard cabinet card measures approximately 6.5” by 4.3” (16.5 cm by 10.8 cm).

price:  £65
code: cat007
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