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Jardin du Luxembourg, 1902 (printed c. 1980)
Eugène Atget

A silver gelatin print showing a man sitting on a park bench in the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris.

Photographed in 1902 by Eugène Atget, whose life’s work was the preservation in photographs of Paris’s vanishing architecture and street scenes. He died, aged 70, on 4 August 1927 in the city he had loved. Many of his glass negatives survived his death and are today housed in some of the world’s most prestigious museums. This print carries on its reverse the imprint of the Caisse Nationale des Monuments Historiques et des Sites. The negative number has been added in the appropriate place in pencil: MH 87195.

Condition: the print is in excellent condition with very good tonal range. Its paper support presents a very small amount of wear at its upper left-hand corner but is otherwise clean, crisp and firm.

Dimensions: the image measures 9.5” by 7” (24.2 cm by17.9 cm). It is printed on slightly glossy, slightly textured paper with a wide white border; this measures 112” by 9.4” (30.5 cm by 23.7 cm).


price:  £80
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Eugene Atget, Eugène Atget, Atget, Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris