Paul Frecker
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A fisherman
Victor Petit of Langres

Two carte-de-visite portraits of a scantily clad, bearded fisherman wearing only a loincloth and a Phrygian cap.

Photographed by Victor Petit of Langres, a small commune about 185 miles SE of Paris (and nowhere near the sea).

Medals incorporated into the design of the photographer’s backplate suggest a date shortly after 1865.

Condition: the prints present a few small imperfections but are otherwise in excellent condition. One print has slightly better tonal range than the other. Both mounts are clean, firm and solid.

Dimensions: the dimensions of a standard carte-de-visite are approximately 4.1" by 2.5" (10.5 cm by 6.3 cm).

price:  £120
code: cat024
Langres, fisherman, fishermen