Paul Frecker
Fine Photographs
Five men on a pole


Five men on a pole
with bizarre, hand-written messages

A large format panel print showing five men standing in a line with a long pole between their logs. Each man is holding a piece of paper inscribed with an odd message. Some of the messages are simply bizarre but one or two of them border on the surreal. It's possible that the pieces of paper were blank when the men were photographed and that the messages were added later on the glass negative. 

Photographer and location unidentified but almost certainly North American.

Dimensions: The print measures 6.3" by 8.4" (16 cm by 21.1 cm) and is mounted on a slightly larger piece of cream-coloured Bristol board with a beveled edge finished off in gold leaf. 

Condition: The print presents a few small imperfections but is otherwise in excellent condition, with very good tonal range. The mount presents a small amount of edge and corner wear and some faint stains verso but is otherwise clean, firm and solid. 

price:  £250
code: cat022
odd, oddity, oddity, curiosity, curiosity, surreal, surrealism