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Syphilide pigmentaire
Doctor Pierre-Michel-Arthur de Montmeja

An albumen print showing a woman suffering from Syphilide Pigmenataire, according to a caption printed in the lower margin.The English translation would be ‘pigmentary syphilide.’ A syphilide (plural syphilides) is a cutaneous eruption due to syphilis. Nowadays, the term ‘leucoderma syphiliticum,’ or LS for short, is preferred. It encompasses a spectrum of dyschromic lesions that emerge during the course of secondary syphilis. 

The photograph was originally one of the illustrations in a book titled Clinique Photographique des maladies de le peau by Dr Alfred Hardy and Dr Pierre-Michel-Arthur de Montmeja. First published in 1868 with a second edition appearing in 1872, the book presented studies of patients suffering from various skin diseases at the Hôpital Saint-Louis in Paris.

The book was published for a third time in 1882 with the illustrations reproduced as Woodburytypes but the photograph offered here is an albumen print from one of the earlier editions.

Doctor Hardy had earlier published a similar work titled Leçons sur les maladies de la peau in 1860.

Photographed by Dr A. de Montmeja.

Dimensions: the print measures4.7" by 3.5" (11.9 cm by 9 cm) ; the page on which it is mounted measures 11.1" by 7.7" (28.3 cm by 19.7 cm). 

Condition: The print presents a few small imperfections and some discolouration in the area of the area of the background but is otherwise in excellent condition, with good tonal range. The stiff piece of clean card on which it is mounted is also in excellent condition, with crisp edges and sharp corners. 

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