Paul Frecker
Fine Photographs

Medical student with skeleton, 1902

A brown-toned silver print from an album compiled by a medical student while studying at Oxford. This particular image carried no identification but other inscriptions referred to ‘Bertie’ and his rooms on St John’s Street. Other images showed views of the Anatomy Rooms and some were dated 1902.

For further reading see Stiffs, Skulls and Skeletons: Medical Photography and Symbolism by Stanley B. Burns and Elizabeth A. Burns (2015) and Dissection: Photographs of A Rite of Passage In American Medicine 1880-1930 by John Harley Warner and James M. Edmonson (2009), though the latter focuses on medical students posing with cadavers rather than with skeletons

Photographer unidentified.

Condition: the print presents a few small imperfections but is otherwise in excellent condition. The section of album page on which it’s mounted presents some yellowing at two edges and a light crease at one corner but is otherwise crisp and clean. Another photograph has been skimmed off the reverse side.

Dimensions: the print measures 6” by 4.4” (15.3 cm by 11 cm); it is mounted on a cut-down section of album page measuring 7” by 5.6” (17.7 cm by 14.1 cm).


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