Paul Frecker
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The Wishing Well at Upwey, circa 1880
Francis Frith (attr.)

An albumen print showing two young girls at the Wishing Well in Upwey, Dorset. A natural spring rather than a well, it is the source of the River Wey, which flows from Upwey to Weymouth five miles downstream. The site was a tourist attraction as far back as the 18th century. Legend has it that the seat seen here behind the two girls was built for King George III.

Photographer unidentified, but probably by Francis Frith judging by the negative number (27325).

Condition: the print has rich, satisfying tones but the original negative had sustained some damage to its lower right-hand corner at some point prior to the issue of this particular print. The repair can be seen as a large arc across the corner. The print is mounted on a clean, stiff album page that has been slightly trimmed. An inked inscription in a period hand identifies the location in the lower margin. The reverse of the page once carried a view of Weymouth but this has been professionally and very neatly skimmed off the page.

Dimensions: the print measures 7.6” by 11.4” (19.2 cm by 29 cm); the mount measures 9.5” by 13.1” (24.3 cm by 33.2 cm).

price:  £60
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