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The Duke of Connaught
William and Daniel Downey of London

A Woodburytype portrait of Queen Victoria's third son, Prince Arthur, who was created Duke of Connaught in 1874. He had a long career in the British Army that included service in South Africa, Canada, Ireland, Egypt in 1882 and in India from 1886 to 1890.  On 1 April 1893, he was promoted to the rank of general.

In 1895, when his mother's cousin, the elderly Duke of Cambridge, was forced to retire from his position as commander-in-chief of the Army, Arthur was disappointed when his hopes to replace him were not realized. From 1911 to 1916 he was Governor General of Canada.

Photographed by William and Daniel Downey of London and Newcastle. 

Published as a Woodburytype in 1890 as part of the first series of The Cabinet Portrait Gallery.

Condition: both the Woodburytype and the page on which it is mounted are in excellent condition. A printed caption in the lower margin identifies the sitter and gives ­the photographers’ details.

Dimensions: the print measures 5.5” by 3.7” (14 cm by 93 cm) and is mounted with a buff-coloured border on an off-white page measuring 10” by 8” (25.3 cm by 20.3 cm).



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