Paul Frecker
Fine Photographs


Nottingham Castle Rock, circa 1880


An albumen print of Castle Rock in Nottingham, showing the River Leen in the foreground and the ruins of the Duke of Newcastle’s mansion perched on the top of the rock. Completed in 1679, the building had already fallen into disrepair when it was fired by an angry mob in 1831 in the riots following the rejection of the Reform Bill. For over 40 years its blackened shell looked down on the town but during the 1870s it was restored by the Town Council as a museum and art gallery. It was opened by the Prince and Princess of Wales on 3 July 1878.

The charm of the image lies in the photographer’s inclusion of a local resident on the riverbank, seated on the edge of a wheelbarrow, while a woman, presumably his wife, watches from a doorway.

Photographer unidentified.

Condition: the print presents a few small marks and imperfections in the area of the sky near the upper edge of the image; it is otherwise in excellent condition, with very good tonal range. It is mounted on a clean, stiff album page which has been professionally spilt from its reverse side.

Dimensions: the print measures 8.3” by 10.7” (21.2 cm by 27.2 cm); the mount measures 9.7 cm by 12.4” (24.8 cm by 31.4 cm).

price:  £70
code: cat015
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