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Lincoln High Street, circa 1880
George Washington Wilson

An albumen print showing a view of the High Street in Lincoln. The scene is full of life and detail, with many pedestrians going about their business and much signage visible on the various businesses. Apart from Stonebow Gate and the Cathedral looming over the town in the background, the area is unrecognisable today. The High Bridge Obelisk, seen here at the centre of the view, was removed in 1936 due to concerns about its weight but was reconstructed in 1996 outside the former Lincoln St Mark’s Railway Station.

Photographed by George Washington Wilson of Aberdeen. Like his contemporary Francis Frith, from the 1860s onwards Wilson specialised increasingly in topographical views of the United Kingdom, eventually becoming one of the largest publishers of photographs in the world. Many of these were taken by staff photographers or commissioned from local studios. In the 1890s views from as far afield as South Africa and Australia were added to the firm’s stock.

Condition: the print presents some cloudiness towards its right-hand edge and there are a few imperfections in the area of the sky, including a small patch of foxing in the area near the cathedral’s tower. Otherwise, the print is in fine condition, with excellent tonal range. It is mounted on a trimmed album page; the reverse carries a similarly sized view of the east front of Lincoln Cathedral.

Dimensions: the print measures 7.4” by 11.6” (18.8 cm by 29.5 cm); the mount measures 8” by 12.2” (20.5 cm by 31.1 cm).

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George Washington Wilson, Lincoln High Street, High Street Lincoln, Stonebow Gate, High Bridge Obelisk, Lincoln