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Eastbourne, circa 1885
Photographed by Francis Frith and Co.

An albumen print showing a view of the Grand Parade at Eastbourne, with numerous pedestrians taking the sea air on a sunny day. The Burlington Hotel, seen here on the far right, is still in business today.

Photographed by Francis Frith and Co.

Born in 1822 at Chesterfield in Derbyshire, Francis Frith began his working life as a grocer. He made his reputation as a photographer with the work he produced on trips to Egypt, Syria and Palestine during the 1850s. He subsequently established a business as a photographic publisher. Located at Reigate in Surrey, it became the largest firm of its kind in the world. During the 1860s he embarked on a project to photograph every town and village of interest in the United Kingdom. At first, he took all the photographs himself but as the business grew he employed assistants to travel on his behalf. Once postcards became popular towards the end of the century, many of his views were reissued in the new popular format.

Condition: the print presents a couple of small, pale grey marks in the area of the sky but is otherwise in excellent condition, with very good tonal range. It is mounted on a clean, stiff album page, which has one slightly chipped corner and a small nick in its upper edge. Another print has been very neatly skimmed off the reverse of the album page by a professional conservator.

Dimensions: the print measures 7.5” by 11.3” (19 cm by 28.8 cm); the album page measures 9.7” by 13.5” (24.7 cm by 34.3 cm).


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Francis Frith, Grand Parade Eastbourne, Burlington Hotel Eastbourne, Burlington Hotel, Eastbourne