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Monsignor Darboy
Pierre Petit of Paris

A carte-de-visite portrait of Monsignor Georges Darboy (1813-1871), from January 1863 the Archbishop of Paris. Darboy was executed at the prison of La Roquette on 25 May 1871, a notorious incident that took place during la Semaine Sanglante [the Bloody Week] in the final days of the Paris Commune.

Monsignor Darboy was arrested by the Communards on 4 April 1871 and held as a hostage, at first in the prison at Mazas. He was later transferred to La Roquette when the army of Versailles advanced on Paris. The intention was to exchange him for the socialist and political activist Louis Auguste Blanqui. The American ambassador, Elihu B. Washburne, acted as intermediary in the negotiations. When the proposal was coldly rejected by Thiers, Monsignor Darboy, along with several others, was executed.

Photographed by Pierre Petit of Paris.

Condition: the print presents a few small imperfections, including one in the area of the sitter’s forehead, but is otherwise in fine condition, with good tonal range. The mount presents a small amount of pale foxing verso but is otherwise in excellent condition.

Dimensions: the dimensions of a standard carte-de-visite are approximately 4.1" by 2.5" (10.5 cm by 6.3 cm).

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