Paul Frecker
Fine Photographs

A Seaforth Highlander in India
Rhagunath Singh of Nasirabad

A cabinet card portrait of an unidentified soldier of the Seaforth Highlanders, photographed in India by an Indian photographer, possibly at the time of the Chitral Expedition of 1895.

Photographed by Rhagunath Singh of Nasirabad in India, identified recto in the lower margin. The reverse presents a backplate of generic design, depicting a cupid scattering photographic portraits.  

Condition: the print presents a few small imperfections, all of them peripheral, but is otherwise in excellent condition, with very good tonal range. The mount presents a couple of small blemishes verso but is otherwise also in excellent condition. 

Dimensions: the dimensions of a standard cabinet card are approximately 6.5” by 4.3” (16.5 cm by 10.8 cm).




price:  £75
code: cat006
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