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The royal family with a bust of the late Prince Consort
John Mayall of London

A carte-de-visite portrait of the British royal family grouped around a bust of the late Prince Consort; the sitting was organised to mark the occasion of the marriage of the Prince of Wales to Princess Alexandra of Denmark.

Back row (standing): Princess Alexandra, the Prince of Wales, Princess Alice, her husband the Prince of Hesse.Front row (seated): Princess Helena, Queen Victoria, with Princess Beatrice resting her head on her shoulder, Vicky the Crown Princess of Prussia in the paisley shawl. Prince Arthur is kneeling in the front wearing a kilt.

Queen Victoria, having decided that she could not bring herself to take part in the procession nor to discard her mourning for the day, watched the ceremony from a high oak closet on the north side of the altar.  That night she wrote in her journal 'Oh! what I suffered in the Chapel....It was indescribable. At one moment, when I first heard the flourish of trumpets, which brought back to my mind my whole life of twenty years at his dear side, safe, proud, secure, and happy, and I felt as I should faint. Only by a violent effort could I succeed in mastering my emotions!'

Photographed by John Jabez Edwin Mayall of London.

Condition: the print presents a couple of very small imperfections but is otherwise in excellent condition, as is the mount.

Dimensions: the dimensions of a standard carte-de-visite are approximately 4.1" by 2.5" (10.5 cm by 6.3 cm).

price:  £35
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