Paul Frecker
Fine Photographs

 Collecting alms in Italy, c. 1875

An albumen print showing a member of a religious brotherhood in Italy collecting alms for a charitable cause. During the Middle Ages, these confraternities operated on a level somewhere between the religious and the civic. Volunteers were able to ease their passage into the next world through the performance of acts of charity for those members of society most in need of assistance. The Misericordia of Florence – with a name derived from the Latin for ‘mercy’ – were among the most recognisable.

Photographer unidentified.

Condition: the print presents a few small imperfections but is otherwise in very good condition. It is mounted on a crisp, clean, cut-down section of album page.  

Dimensions: the print measures 5.7” by 3.9” (14.5 cm by 9.8 cm); the section of album page measures 7.5” by 4.9” (19.1 cm by 12.5 cm).




price:  £150
code: cat004
Religious confraternity, religious brotherhood, Italy, Italian, Misericordia, Florence, Firenze