Paul Frecker
Fine Photographs


Mr Barclay’s boys, Brighton, circa 1865

An albumen print showing a group of young schoolboys, presumably photographed on the South Downs behind Brighton.

A pencilled inscription in a period hand in the lower margin reads: ‘Mr Barclay’s boys, 11 Sussex Square.’

Reverend Henry Barclay ran a boy’s preparatory school at 11 Sussex Square in Brighton’s Kemp Town. For many years his friend Reverend Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll) was an annual visitor. The two men had met when they were up at Oxford. Today a plaque on the building commemorates Dodgson’s sojourns in Brighton.

Photographer unidentified.

Condition: the print presents a small amount of peripheral spotting and a few marks in the area of the sky; the latter appear worse in the scan than in reality. It is otherwise in fine condition, with good tonal range. It is mounted on a crisp section of cut-down album page. At some point a platinum print mounted on the opposite album page has left traces of its image in the margins of this page; the print itself is unaffected. The reverse of the mount presents part of an ‘art’ photograph (an illustration of a hussar with his ladylove).

Dimensions: the print measures 4” by 5.6” (10.2 cm by 14.1 cm); the mount measures 4.7” by 8.2” (12 cm by 20.9 cm).

price:  £40
code: cat003
Reverend Barclay, Rev Henry Barclay, Henry Barclay, Lewis Carroll, Charles Dodgson, 11 Sussex Square, 11 Sussex Square Brighton, Brighton