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Amelia, Julia and Frederica Angerstein
(1847-1866, 1851-1936, 1855-1926)
1 August 1861

Volume 4, page 320, sitting number 5349. 

These are the daughters of William Angerstein (1811-1897), who was elected the MP for Greenwich at the general election of 1859, a seat he held until 1865. He was the youngest son (but eventual heir) of John Angerstein and a grandson of the art collector John Julius Angerstein. Their mother was Mary Ann née Nettelship, only child of William Nettleship of Haselbury in Somerset. 

Born on 15 March 1847, Amelia Mary Anne Angerstein was baptised on 5 July 1846 at St Margaret’s, Lee, Kent. She died, aged 19, in 1866 at Woodlands, Blackheath, Kent. She was buried on 10 April 1866 at Weeting in Norfolk. 

Julia Augusta Angerstein as born at Blackheath on 26 May 1851 and was baptised at Weeting in Norfolk on 26 November 1851. On 10 September 1886 at St Allege in Greenwich she married Reverend John Francis Kendall, son of farmer John Kendall. Their marriage produced six children but one of these had died by 1911. Mrs Julia Augusta Kendall died, aged 85, at Stalham in Norfolk on 8 November 1936, leaving an estate valued at £297. 

Frederica Caroline Angerstein was born on 6 September 1855 at Tonbridge Wells in Kent. On 12 May 1880 at Weeting in Norfolk she married Robert Francis Burton, son of the late Edmund Singer Burton. Their marriage produced one child. Mrs Frederica Caroline Burton died, aged 73, on 7 November 1926 at 29 Hythe Road, Willisborough, near Ashford in Kent. She left an estate valued at £27,939. 


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