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Major Augustus Lennox
27 July 1861

Volume 4, page 288, sitting number 5222. 

[The sitter is identified as ‘Major Lennox’ in the Silvy books. Although Hart’s Army List for 1861 records five officers with this surname, only one of them was a Major when this sitting took place, Augustus Frederick Francis Lennox. This identification is confirmed by another portrait of the same man attached to someone’s tree on]

Born on 22 August 1824, at Boxgrove in Sussex, Augustus Frederick Francis Lennox was the son of Lieutenant-Colonel Lord John George Lennox and Louisa Fredericka née Rodney. His paternal grandparents were General Charles Lennox, 4th Duke of Richmond, and Lady Charlotte née Gordon, who threw the Duchess of Richmond’s Ball in Brussels on 15 June 1815, the night before the Battle of Quatre Bras.

On 3 November 1857 he married Amy de Beauvoir Priaulx, daughter of Joshua Priaulx. This marriage produced three children. He married secondly on 8 August 1872 Augusta Emily Wilmot, daughter of Montagu Wilmot. This marriage produced another four children.

Major-General Augustus Frederick Francis Lennox died, aged 58, on 8 July 1883 at Old Park, Fishbourne, near Chichester in Sussex. He left an estate valued at £3746.

Major-General Augustus Frederick Francis Lennox, of the Royal Artillery, died on the 8th inst., at Old Park Chichester. The deceased was the second, but eldest surviving, son of the late Lord John George Lennox and cousin of the Duke of Richmond. His mother was Louisa Frederica, fourth daughter of the late Hon. John Rodney, and cousin of Lord Rodney. He was born in 1824, and entered the Royal Artillery in 1842, obtaining a first in lieutenancy in the following year. He was promoted to the rank of captain in 1849. The gallant officer served with distinction during the latter part of the Crimean campaign, including the siege and fall of Sebastopol. For these services he obtained the brevet rank of Major, the medal with clasp, the 5th class of Medjidie, and the Turkish medal. He was promoted to a colonelcy in 1863, and retired with the honorary rank of Major General in 1874. General Lennox was twice married  — first, in 1857, to Amy De Beauvoir, daughter of Mr Joshua Priaulx, of Candie, Guernsey, and widow of Mr Thomas Hutchesson; and, secondly, in 1872, to Augusta Emily, third daughter of Mr Montagu Wilmot’ (The Star, 19 July 1883). 




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