Paul Frecker
Fine Photographs

Mrs Dent and Miss Dent
(1801-1877 and 1841-1931)
25 January 1861

Volume 2, page 165, sitting number 1951. 

[The sitters are identified as 'Mrs and Miss Dent' in the Silvy daybooks. Miss Dent is clearly Sabine Dent, daughter of Thomas Dent, who had previously sat for Silvy on 19 January 1861 and who visited the studio again on 16 January 1862. Mrs Dent is the sitter identified elsewhere in the daybooks as 'Mrs Henry Dent.' As far as I can discover, there was only one Mrs Henry Dent in the family, and she was a much younger woman, possibly this woman's daughter, Ellen Sabine Dent. The older woman seen here is therefore probably Miss Sabine Dent's aunt, Mrs William Dent.]

These are some of the Dents who visited Silvy's studio in 1861 and 1862:

19 January 1861 Miss [Sabine] Dent

25 January 1861 Mrs Henry Dent [the woman seen here]

25 January 1861 Mrs and Miss Dent [this portrait]

7 February 1861 Mrs Dent 

13 May 1861 'Mrs Henry Dent' [young woman, this must be Emma Sabine Dent]

13 May 1861 William Dent

23 July 1861 Henry Dent [Henry William Dent, nephew and son-in-law of William Dent]

11 January 1862 Lancelot Dent [young man, son of Thomas Dent, aged 17 in 1861]

16 January 1862 Miss Sabine Dent

18 January 1862  Mrs W. Dent [wife of William Dent, could possibly be the same woman seen here]

18 January 1862 Ernest Dent [grandson of the above; first son of Henry William Dent and Emma Sabine Dent]


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