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Fanny B. Wright
8 July 1864

Volume 12, page 120, sitting number 15,628.

[The preceding entry in the Silvy daybooks is 'Elizabeth M. M. Wright,' this sitter's sister.]

Elizabeth Mary Maria Wright and Fanny Booth Wright were two of the daughters of Augustus Wright and his wife Elizabeth née Bacon. When the census was taken in 1851, Augustus Wright described himself as an ‘Ordnance Stockpiler.’ At the time of Fanny’s baptism, he described himself as a clerk for the Royal Ordnance.

Fanny was born in Woolwich on 10 September 1829 and was baptised on 13 July 1830 at St Mary Magdalene’s in Woolwich.

Augustus Wright ‘formerly of Priddy’s Hard, Gosport, in the County of Southampton but late of Biggleswade in the County of Bedford’ died on 12 November 1860, leaving an estate valued at £1500. Priddy’s Hard was an armaments depot for the Royal Navy and the British Army.

In 1861 Elizabeth and Fanny, along with their sister Mary Ann, were living together in a house on Church Street in Biggleswade. Also present on the night of the census were a young niece, two nephews and three servants. The children were the offspring of the women’s brother, surgeon Augustus John Wright.

Ten years later the household was still in Biggleswade but now on London Road, and now with four nieces, four nephews and three servants.

Elizabeth died on 6 March 1900 at Boddington Lodge, Biggleswade, leaving an estate valued at £1000. Her will was proved by her nephew Reverend Augustus Edward Wright.

In 1911, Fanny and Mary were still at Beddington Lodge, together with their nephew, Reverend Augustus Wright and an unmarried niece, Mary Elizabeth Wright. Once again three servants completed the household.

Fanny Booth Wright died at Beddington Lodge on 3 December 1919; her estate was valued at £947.

None of the sisters ever married. Through the years they variously described their status as ‘Independent’ (1861), ‘Funded property’ (1871), 'Income from money invested’ (1881), ‘Living on her own means’ (1891), and ‘private means’ (1911).

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