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Mrs W.M. Wynch
24 May 1861

Volume 3, page 304, sitting number 3899.

Born in New York on 16 May 1839, Elizabeth Anne Wildes was the daughter of merchant and commission agent George Wildes. She was baptised on 6 July 1843 at St Pancras Old Church, London. As an adult, she went by the name Lillie.

She appears on the 1851 census living with her parents and sister Agnes at Cheetham, Manchester.

On 9 June 1859 at St James’s Westminster she married Williami Maliing Wynch, son of Paul Marriott Wynch of the Bengal Civil Service.

Her father George Wildes died in 1861 leaving an estate valued at £140,000.

Her husband appeared in the Court of Bankruptcy in 1869. It transpired that he had settled all his property on his wife at the time of their marriage, on the insistence of her parents, and that she had subsequently deserted him and their three children.

I can find no trace of her on any census after 1861. I assume she was either living abroad or under another name.

Elizabeth Anne Wynch died, aged 78, on 14 June 1917 at The Towers, Upper Beeding, Sussex. She left an estate valued at £6353.

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