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Major Corbett
14 May 1861


Volume 3, page 235, sitting number 3622.

[Identified only as ‘Major Corbett’ in the Silvy daybooks, this is possibly Major Vincent Corbett of the 1st West Yorkshire Yeomanry Cavalry.]

On 22 August 1838 he married Agnes Hounsfield. ‘On Wednesday, at Sheffield, Vincent Corbett, Esq., of the Wortley Iron works, son of the Archdeacon of York, to Miss Hounsfield, daughter of Bartholomew Hounsfield, Esq., of the Sheffield Colliery.’

When the census was taken in 1851, he gave as his profession ‘Farmer (of 120 acres) employing 7 men.’

Major Vincent Corbett died on 9 December 1864, leaving an estate valued at £5000. The following obituary appeared the next day in the Sheffield Daily Telegraph.

‘We sincerely regret to announce that yesterday morning Vincent Corbett, Esq., died suddenly at the Wortley Railway Station. Mr Corbett was a gentleman who enjoyed the highest esteem of the people of Sheffield and the neighbourhood, by whom he was well known. He resided at Huthwaite Hall, Wortley, was a justice of the peace for the West Riding of Yorkshire, and Major in the Sheffield Squadron of the First West York Yeomanry Cavalry. He appeared robust and healthy, and gave every indication of a long and useful life. A casual observer would have regarded him as strong and vigorous, but the initiated knew him to be suffering from disease of the heart, which might at any moment terminate his life. […] The station-master loosed his neckcloth, and did what he could to relieve him, but in three minutes, and before medical assistance could be obtained, he was dead. His body was laid upon the table in the waiting-room, and intelligence of the sad event conveyed to the members of his family. […] His goodness of heart, and honest, manly disposition had endeared him to a large circle of acquaintances, and his death will be deeply mourned by man. He was 61 years of age.’

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