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Duquesa de Fernán Núñez

In June 1890 several British newspapers reported on a ball thrown by the Duchess at her palace in Madrid: 'A curious ball has been given, our Madrid correspondent tells us, by the Duke and Duchess of Fernan Nunez, in their Madrid residence, Cervellon Palace, which is a magnificent mansion full of artistic collections, old armour, and pictures by great Italian and Spanish masters. Supper was served in the fine Conservatory, amidst exotic tropical plants and flowers. All the ladies invited to this ball had been requested to wear no jewels or diamonds, and to adorn their hair only with many and bright-coloured pinks, and also to drape themselves in Manila shawls - in fact, to imitate the popular costumes worm by the manolas, or women of the lower classes, in popular festivities that have taken place in Madrid lately. There was, in consequence, a remarkable display of simple head-dresses à la Espanola [sic], with bright flowers and an unrivalled display of Manila shawls of great value and every imaginable colour. The Infanta Isabel honoured the Duke and Duchess of Fernan Nunez with her presence' (York Herald, 17 June 1890).


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