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Prince Antoine Bonaparte

Antoine Bonaparte was the eighth child of Lucien Bonaparte, brother of the first Napoléon. He was therefore a first cousin of Napoléon III.

He was born on 20 October 1816 at Frascati in Italy, where his father had recently bought the Villa Tuscolana. At first he lived in Italy, then, after a stay in the United States (1832), he settled in the Papal States where he devoted himself to his vineyards but was eventually expelled for his liberal connections.

On 9 July 1839 he married Anna-Maria Cardinali, the daughter of a lawyer from Lucca. Their marriage produced no children.

He was elected deputy for Yonne in 1849. In the French Assembly he sat on the right and voted with the monarchist majority. He was not associated with the policies of the Second Empire and was never accepted at the Imperial court.

He died in Florence on 27 March 1877.

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Prince Antoine Bonaparte, Antoine Bonaparte, Disdéri, Disderi