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Prince Jérôme Bonaparte
the Emperor's uncle

Prince Jérôme Bonaparte was the youngest brother of Napoléon I, and the father of 'Plon-Plon' and Princesse Mathilde.

Created King of Westphalia (reigned 1807-1815) by his brother, after the fall of the First Empire he began a long exile in Germany, Austria and Italy. At the restoration of the Empire, his nephew Napoléon III recognized him as a Prince of the Blood, granted him an enormous allowance and showered honours on him and his children. Overwhelmed with marks of favour and raised to a state of fortune beyond their wildest dreams, the ex-king and his family were far from grateful and never gave their loyalty to the person of the Emperor. They were all too ready to denounce him as a usurper, occupying the place that should have been theirs. Their feelings were even colder towards the Empress, whose marriage they had so bitterly opposed.

The ex-king died on 24 June 1860 and was buried in Les Invalides.

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Prince Jérôme Bonaparte, Prince Jerome Bonaparte, Jérôme Bonaparte, Jerome Bonaparte, Disdéri, Disderi