Paul Frecker
Fine Photographs


Child laid out under a white canopy
Anonymous, North American
silver print

A large format silver print showing a child in a 'Whole Couch' open-lid coffin with drop-panel side, under a canopy of white lace, behind a large bank of floral tributes. The photograph illustrates very clearly how a temporary, semi-sacred space could be created in a domestic interior. A wonderfully Gothic double portrait, probably of the child's grandparents, watches over the scene. 

Photographer and location unidentified, but almost certainly North American.

The print measures 7.25" by 9.5" (18.5 cm by 24.5 cm) and is mounted on a piece of beige and grey Bristol board with embossed decorative border around the photograph.


code: pm0219
post mortem, post mortem portrait, post mortem portraits, chapelle blanche, coffin, coffins